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Our members are at the heart of who we are.  This is a members only page for rehearsal music and important information regarding the SCSCC.

Welcome to the Chorus!

Click on links below for important information.


Please note: In order to access member pages you must log into the website.  Additionally, they will be available to choir members after their member dues are paid.

Member's Documents and Forms

Contains links to the current members handbook, as well as downloadable forms of interest to members.

Rehearsal Music: Spring Concert and Memorial Day

This page has the music for the Spring Concert.  In addition, the music for the Memorial Day service is also on this page.

Rehearsal Music: Holiday Concert and Tree Lighting

Click on this link to access the musing for the Holiday Concert as well as music performed at the St. Clair Shores Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Rehearsal and Performance Guidelines

The Chorus meets once each week.  Arrive a few minutes early, so that we may begin on time.  Members will be asked to sign in each week and pick up informative handouts prior to the start of rehearsal.  Music folders are assigned prior to the start of rehearsal during the first few weeks of September and January. 


Chorus members sit in groups by voice part.  As you enter the rehearsal area, the soprano voices sit in the pews (rows) on the right side, the altos sit on the left side.  The tenor and bass voices sit in the middle – tenors next to the altos and basses next to the sopranos.  Because we have 60+ members, we ask that you fill the front rows first, starting from the second row.  Please reserve the first row, side seating and the back rows of seating for chorus business.  Assigned seating does not occur until line placement has been determined as we move closer to the performance date. 


Please pay attention during announcements.  If you have a question that is not answered during announcements, please see our Music Director or any board member before or after rehearsal.  Additional information can also be found in your handbook.  Please take some time to review your handbook.   


Members are expected to faithfully attend rehearsals and to practice at home.  In addition to regular Monday night rehearsals – additional stage rehearsals are noted in the schedule and some extra rehearsals may be offered closer to the concert date.  Choral music is available on our website to practice with.  Music tracks can be found in the member portal on the website.   


  • Only bring bottled water for a beverage. 

  • Please keep phones muted.  Emergency calls should be taken outside of the rehearsal area.

  • Keep talking to a minimum during rehearsals so that everyone can hear the director’s instructions. 

  • Be respectful of other ensembles.  There should be no talking while other ensembles are practicing.    


Pay your member dues on time.  Dues should be paid by the end of September if paying in full for both sessions, and by the end of September or January if joining for just one session.  More information about dues can be found in your handbook.  The chorus offers several payment options, and we also offer a payment plan. Please see the treasurer if you have any questions or concerns about payments. If you need to drop out of the chorus, we will do our best to work out a fair refund depending upon the timing and circumstance. 


Once dues are paid – members are allowed to take music home to practice with.  Please be respectful of your music.  Members will be expected to return the music at the end of the season in the same condition that it was received.   Members are allowed to make their own personal copy of the music if they wish to mark it up. 


Our director will encourage members to make notes on the music.  Please use PENCIL ONLY (provided in your folder).   Do NOT markup music with ink or highlighters and do NOT tape pages together.  There may be a fee assessed for lost music or for music that is defaced or becomes unusable for future use.    


If you are going to be late or need to miss a rehearsal for any reason at all – we ask that you contact the Music Director (Cindy Ohrt) directly at the contact number listed in your handbook.   If you miss a rehearsal, it is your responsibility to get the director’s notes and updates from someone in your section before the next rehearsal or prior to.    


Stage rehearsals and performances are mandatory.  Any conflicts in required rehearsals should be discussed with and approved by the Director of Music ahead of time. 


Performance Guidelines: 

  • Plan ahead!  Arrive on time!

  • Pay attention to the Music Director for instructions.

  • No eating or drinking on stage.

  • Avoid talking on stage – stage area is mic’d 

  • Avoid wearing fragrances – both ladies and gentlemen.

  • Turn the pages of your music as quietly as possible.

  • Smile often and welcome your audience with your expressions!

  • Have fun!  Enjoy the moment!

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