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Previous Performances

Take a look back at the history of SCSCC Performances.

Holiday Performances


1964    A Christmas Concert
1965    2nd Annual Christmas Concert
1966    3rd Annual Christmas Concert
1967    4th Annual Christmas Concert
1968    5th Annual Christmas Concert
1969    6th Annual Christmas Concert
1970    7th Annual Christmas Concert
1971    8th Annual Christmas Concert
1972    Christmas Concert
1973    Christmas Concert
1974    Christmas Concert
1975    Christmas Concert
1976    Messiah
1977    Christmas Concert
1978    Christmas Concert~O Come All Ye Faithful
1979    Christmas Concert~Joy to the World
1980    A Time for Joy
1981    Fanfare for Christmas
1982    O Come All Ye Faithful
1983    Alleluia
1984    Song of Christmas
1985    Christmas Festival
1986    Sing Out the News
1987    A Christmas Welcome
1988    25th Anniversary~Christmas Concert
1989    Christmas Festival Concert~Noel
1990    Christmas Concert~Voices Singing, Bells Ringing
1991    Christmas Concert~Joy to the World
1992    Fanfare for Christmas


SECOND DIRECTOR: Virginia Stieler

1993    30th Annual Christmas Concert~Come Let Us Adore Him
1994    31st Annual Christmas Concert~Companions, All Sing Loudly
1995    32nd Annual Chritmas Concert~Christmas is Coming
1996    Christmas Concert~I Love Christmas
1997    Sing We Now of Christmas


1998    Christmas in a Small Town
1999    A Holiday Welcome
2000    Sing A Song of Merry Christmas
2001    A Christmas Celebration
2002    A Christmas Portrait
2003    Once Again, It’s Christmas
2004    A Wreath of Carols
2005    Winter Wonderland
2006    It’s Christmas
2007    A New York Christmas
2008    A Holiday Celebration
2009    Can’t Wait for Christmas
2010    A Festive Celebration
2011    Fanfare for the Holidays
2012    Now and Forever Christmas
2013    A Holiday to Remember
2014    A Fanfare for Christmas
2015    The Magic of Christmas
2016    A Holiday Festival of Music
2017    Deck the Holiday Halls
2018    Sharing the Spirit of Christmas
2019    A Classic Holiday Celebration
2020    Cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic

2021    Our Triumphant Holiday Return

Spring Performances

1964    First Spring Concert~Patriotic Songs
1965    Second Annual Spring Concert ~ Spring Songs
1966    Third Annual Spring Concert ~ Folk Songs
1967    Fourth Annual Spring Concert ~ Let There Be Music
1968    Fifth Annual Spring Concert ~ Hymns and Ballads
1969    A Spring Concert ~ Songs of Countries
1970    Seventh Annual Spring Concert ~ A Time of Worship
1971    Eighth Annual Spring Concert ~ Songs of the Spirit
1972    Ninth Annual Spring Concert ~ 50 Years of Broadway
1973    More Memories from Broadway
1974    Something Old, Something New
1975    American Sings
1976    Music Just to Enjoy
1977    Music for Your Pleasure
1978    It’s a Musical World
1979    Music is My Life
1980    A Song for You
1981    Let There Be Music
1982    Gonna Rise Up Singing
1983    The Sounds of Music
1984    Festival of Melody
1985    A Grand Night for Singing
1986    23rd Annual Spring Concert ~ A Wonderful Day Like Today
1987    24th Anuual Spring Concert ~ I’m Gonna Sing
1988    25th Annual Spring Concert
1989    An Evening of Broadway
1990    Hollywood Hits
1991    Folk Songs of the World
1992    Favorite Hits
1993    Easy Listening for your Enjoyment

SECOND DIRECTOR:  Virginia Stieler

1994    The Envelope Please

1995    Festival of Freedom

1996    Our Favorite Songs

1997    Pets and Other People

1998    Love and Marriage

1999    That’s Entertainment
2000    Music of the Century
2001    A Spring Tapestry
2002    A Singing Nation
2003    A Grand Night for Singing
2004    Because We Sing
2005    Make A Joyful Noise
2006    Embrace the Music
2007    Cruisin’ Into Summer
2008    Broadway~The American Musical
2009    Hooray for Hollywood
2010    An American Montage
2011    A Motown Review
2012    Broadway Showstoppers
2013    50th Anniversary Celebration
2014    The Magic of Disney
2015    First Annual Cabaret ~ (on a placemat)
2016    Second Annual Cabaret ~ The Best of Broadway
2017    Third Annual Cabaret ~ A Beatles Revue
2018    Fourth Annual Cabaret ~ Motown Memories
2019    Fifth Annual Cabaret ~ A Salute to Andrew Lloyd Webber
2020    Postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic

2021    Postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic

2022    Sixth Annual Cabaret ~ Singing and Dancing through the Decades

Holiday Performances
Spring Performances
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